Monday, January 17

One Year Home


Elisabeth said...

Oh my thanks for making me cry. That is BEAUTIFUL!! I watched the whole thing and I think my favorite part is the very end where Eden and big brother hug over and over. What a special video. She has just made your family complete. I am so looking forward to the day we can have our girl home!!!

April said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Eden is precious!

Andrea said...

What a nice video. Loved watching the boys with their sister but my favorite part was around the cake and your youngest son reaching for his sister to kiss and then her reaching back for kisses. Lovely.

Jay and Emily said...

Amazing video. Loved it and cried through it. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing this video and also your wonderful kids with me. Love you all so much!

Gary and Lisa said...

Love this!! I cried!! You have such a beautiful family. I remember following you on the forum & through the blog when Eden was coming home...can't believe it's been a year already!!!

Niki said...

I LOVE this video...Eden is so precious and we are so happy she is here. Adrian and Luca love her so much. Please teach me how to make these videos! You are so talented!

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gracefullyHis said...

So precious! I love seeing completed adoptions. They give me hope. We are in the very beginning stages, and the journey is long! What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing :)


Seema said...

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Anonymous said...

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Since inferior carry seizes gold to return, liu Xiang makes the favorite of ad business afresh, the medium that the requirement covers also in an endless stream. Its father Liu learns an explanation to say: "(recently) those who invite Liu Xiang to enter all sorts of activities is too much, can receive a lot of telephone calls everyday almost, but grandson guidance and I basically am pushed, I feel current or should center spirit to go wintry example is good, with a good wintry example, lay a good foundation for the match 2011. Lay a good foundation for the match 2011..
No matter be Liu father it may not be a bad idea, master grandson sea makes the same score it may not be a bad idea, circle in the air the team hopes Liu Xiang is behaved in what bright and beautiful contest has had life of track and field this year, strive for in 2012 London Olympic Games further.
"Local peoples are good! I go to Atlanta into cropland airport a [url=]cheap jordans for sale[/url] favourable turn in Tokyo now! ! In anteroom a bit tiny rest below! " Liu Xiang became small gain to accuse recently, the word that takes him says, oneself are a youth, cannot break away from tide. Although be on the road that goes to the United States, he also does not forget to update small gain. And there are network language and Shanghai dialect in his small gain, cannot help laughing letting a person.
Seeing him always is on the network giggle, 2010 this year, liu Xiang very hardships. The injury reappears more, the Liu Xiang that just answered training field is not quite self-confident to his body: "Firm in the begining, the feeling is very afflictive, 12 column cross no less than coming. Accumulate enough confidence slowly, next one step by step from 13 seconds 50, arrive slowly 13 seconds 20, 13 seconds the level of 10. Arrive slowly 13 seconds 20, 13 seconds the level of 10..
A year when recollect the past, "Hold to after all " it is Liu Xiang's most unforgettable heart road course, "A lot of things, must oneself span to just can know in the past. Must oneself span to just can know in the past..
To 2011, although want alive bright and beautiful contest brings a surprise to everybody, liu Xiang hopes to be able to play the game more more.
"The biggest 2011 target is, no matter come up against what thing to want a calm to face, next serious, careful, oneself job, had done oneself job, " Liu Xiang says cordially, "If cried 2010 ' labor force ' , so cried 2011 ' wait for hair ' . So cried 2011 ' wait for hair ' ..
(: In May cool breeze)Editor: ? Lin? Pay close attention to his small gain
Fan Texi surpasses the line on the activity after basketball hassle season | Sport one ball becomes famous dazzle eye storm will raid

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