Sunday, June 22

Our Boating Adventure

What an adventure we had today. This is our second trip out to Lake St. Clair this summer. We decided to bring Hero. Things got off to a rocky start when I dropped our car keys into the lake while loading our things in the boat. Thankfully, I could see them. Ron tried to get them using some kind of poker but only managed to poke them out of sight. We (I mean Ron) spent the next hour dragging a net along the mucky bottom, praying we would find them. Meanwhile I have my two kids and dog in a hot boat with nothing to do. What do kids do when in a small confined area with nothing to do???? Fight with each other of course. Oh what fun!!!! I could feel Ron's frustration every time he pulled the net up and the keys were not in it, I had my two boys whining about the heat and fighting with each other, and then I had the dog who I was sure would pee or poop in the boat at any minute just to make the day MORE fun. We ended up using a giant brick sized magnet we borrowed from the marina to find the keys and Hero was a true hero and didn't pee or poop on the boat! Although we lost about an hour of boating time, we still had great fun on the lake. The boys... all of them including Hero... swam for the first time this year. The water was still a little cold though. Hero seemed to enjoy the day. He shook only a little when we would go fast but after a while he seemed to get used to it and was pretty relaxed. As you can see he fell right asleep on the car ride home.


Jay and Emily said...

What fun. Looks like you guys had a great time. Very funny story about the keys! At least you had something to blog about. I miss you guys already.

Love you - Em

Kevin and Violet said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun. The key story was funny, but I bet it wasn't at the time! I used to love wearing out my dog. She would go with me when I led trail drives and play all day and sleep the whole hour home and all that night! Are kids the same way?


Lynn said...

Love it!!! Great blog post! All the pics are adorable! Hero is getting verrrry cute!