Sunday, May 4

Happy 4th Birthday Luca!

My baby turned 4 today.

Luca entered this world with the same determination and uniqueness that he possesses today. He was born 12 days early. I was not expecting him quite so soon. My first born was only 1 day early so when I started feeling some mild contractions I blew them off. I had just started my maternity leave from school... taking the last six weeks off before summer vacation. I started my maternity leave two weeks before I was due. This would give me two weeks to get everything "just so" before his arrival. I remember being even a bit annoyed that I was having more Braxton Hicks... they were happening quite often for the few weeks leading up to his birth. My mom was in town and staying with us. Adrian was sleeping and my mom, Ron and I were all watching a movie. Out of frustration I told Ron that I was having false labor again. I was in no pain but could feel my belly tightening off and on. This went on for a while and my mom began to get nervous. Finally she begged.. I mean talked me into going to the hospital just to get checked out. I still wasn't in any pain but they had lasted for maybe an hour and were getting kind of regular. Maybe I was in denial... I had been dreading the delivery all along. I went upstairs to take a quick shower before we left for the hospital. While in the shower I was still letting Ron know when the contractions were starting just to keep a log to show the doctor. BAM! Within one contraction I went from 5 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart!!!!! Oh, and they were no longer pain free. Oh no... my mom was right ! :) My bag isn't packed... I'm not ready.... I was supposed to have two weeks to do this... my house is a mess... OH NOOOOOOOO! Now I am running around my bedroom throwing things into a bag in-between contractions. Ron and I then jump into the car and are on the way to the hospital. The contractions are now VERY INTENSE. It's a good thing that it is nighttime and not rush hour traffic. Ron was literally running red lights... it was like out of a movie!!!!!! I remember telling Ron in the car that I knew that my worst fear was going to come true and that it was going to be too late for an epidural. We finally make it to the hospital and enter the doors. We are greeted by a very nice elderly gentleman who is to wheel me upstairs in a wheelchair. I am now in full on labor... can't talk, can't think, can't move kind. I think that he was trying to give me a very smooth and gentle ride because he was walking me at a snails pace. I was praying that the baby wasn't going to come out on the elevator with this poor old man with me! He rolls me into triage. TRIAGE????? What, do you think I lying??? Do you think I'm faking??? Do you think I don't know what is happening??? I couldn't believe it!!!!!!! The first thing I tell the nurse is that I am having this baby and I need an epidural NOW!!!!!!! I was told that first I needed to pee in a cup and then they would take a look at me. These were the longest moments of my life. Finally she came in, checked me out, and agreed that I was in labor...thank you very much. She asks if I want to be wheeled down to my room. Thinking about my ride up to triage I opted to walk... yes walk. I walked as briskly as a 9 month pregnant woman in labor can possibly walk. At one point the nurse told me to relax and slow down. I could have killed her. We make it to my room and of course I ask again about my epidural. No dice. First I need to get an IV. So I wait. I have heard people say that you forget the pain after the baby is born... THEY ARE BIG FAT LIARS. Ron leaves to check on the status of the epidural. He comes back to tell me that the response from the nurse was... "honey, they are ALL in a lot of pain." Keep in mind that all of this has happened fairly quickly. Only about an hour or so has past since I left my house. A new nicer nurse takes over. She checks me and I will never forget the look on her face. She heads straight to the phone. It's time. My doctor isn't even at the hospital yet. My hopes for an epidural are dashed. Over the phone my sweet doctor tells the nurse that if I want an epidural to call one in anyway... even though it may be too late. I am told to breathe through the contractions so that my doctor can get to the hospital. I find that hysterically funny. I try but my Luca has other plans. He has decided that now is the time an there ain't nothin' nobody can do about it. I push a couple of times. Then, like an angel, I see by doctor swoop in. He literally swooped. He, in one motion, entered the room, puts his outstretched arms through the sleeves of a sterile garb that the nurse held up, and glides the rest of the way on a wheeled stool right in front of me. Again... right out of a movie. He tells me that in two or three pushes he will be out... I reply "how about two." Luca is born. I no longer have a child... I have "children".


Jay and Emily said...

That was the BEST. I loved it. You did a great job of capturing Luca's personality. He is such a joy and it is so wonderful to have him in our family. Nobody makes me laugh like our Luca.

Happy Bday Luca!! I can't wait to celebrate with you on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

The many faces of Luca - I love them all. Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet, funny and wonderful grandson!

Amiee, what a sweet way to say, "I love you, Luca". Great job.


ANDREEA said...

Happy birthday sweetheart!!!!:)
You are such a beautiful boy!

Anonymous said...

Great slideshow! Happy b-day to my little godson! What a joy he is. He makes me laugh so hard. That little voice! - Uncle Jay

Lynn said...

Happy mother's day my friend! I just loved our slideshow, Luca is so worth all you went through!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting those pics. He is such an expressive child. I love every one of the faces he makes.