Sunday, October 14

"You will get what you want." Rod the psychic

Saturday I had a girls day with my mom, sister, and future sister in law. It is always so much fun to hang out with them. We visited a psychic. My sister has seen this psychic before. I am very skeptical about this kind of stuff, but decided it would be fun so we all went. It is strange but he was really right on with a lot. Names and events that have happened were freakishly correct. He actually named six people and an animal belonging to a family that was going to be having a party soon. Oh, and he also told me about the party which is next weekend. That was really cool and all, but what I really wanted to know was WHEN AM I GETTING MY BABY???? Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up on the fact that we are adopting but did say that I would have three children (I have two right now). He went on to talk about lots of other stuff and described my boys very well.. "The older one is affectionate, sensitive, creative and the younger one is different". He talked about him being a chrystal child... not real sure what that means yet. Throughout the whole reading though I kept thinking... what about my baby??? Then, in the middle of the reading he stopped and with a very serious face said, "You WILL get what you want." At the end of the reading I told him that I had no plans on having another biological child and that we were adopting. He said that he was feeling it would be two years and that I would know more by Christmas. Knowing what I know about our adoption... two years would be amazing. That would be a dream come true. The wait right now is almost two years and gets longer every month. He did say something cool though... that the number 4 was going to be popping up a lot and when I see it, to know that my angels are with me. My log in date is 4-16.
My mom’s reading was amazing. He knew my Nonna’s name and how she died, my aunt’s name who has passed, and the name of another aunt who just passed away a week ago. He also described a little "little lady that reminds him of the blonde woman on Golden Girls". This totally is freaky, because we would tease my grandma that she reminded us of Rose on Golden Girls. She didn't like it because she thought Rose was ditsy but knew the teasing was done with love. It made me miss all of them so much but it is nice knowing that they are still with me.


Anonymous said...

I (also) had a great time, always good to hang with my girls.

Rod was so "right on" with so many things he made my head spin. he told me, my family will grow and I beleive he was talking about Eden.
This is what I believe to be true.

Jay and Emily said...

It was a great day of fun. I know he is right. You will get what you want. Being patient is hard.

I just hope that he was not right on in regards to be having up to four more children (I have two now). With fertility issues that would be a miracle but one that makes my head spin!

I miss you girls already!