Tuesday, July 31

Nerd Alert!

It is now official. I am a huge computer nerd. I have joined all of you in blogland. As if I didn't have enough to do already, I am now going to make an attempt at keeping up this blog. Stay tuned.


TeTe said...


I am so happy you created this blog. I will be checking in daily for updates.

I can't wait for our girl!!!

Love you all - TeTe

Lynn said...

Finally! What took you sooooooo long!!!


Nonna said...

With each story of adoption comes one more happy tear. This blog is great!

love you, love Eden,

Amiee said...

Awwww! Thanks guys! Now be forwarned... anything you say or do may be put on this blog for all to see. Tete I am counting on you for lots of material. I know Jay will supply me with some if I am running low. :) You guys better be extra nice to me now :)

Lynn, you were my inspiration! Your comment in the car "now that is a blog post!" after telling you about our Higgin's Lake trip really got me thinking.

Jay said...

I love the video of Lukey-Duke. He is sooo funny with the frog. I cracked up when he said "she scared me." I love his haircut. Great site. Can't wait to meet my new little niece.

cindy said...

Love the video of Luca. He and I can be frog-hating pals together! He's got good taste - who likes frogs for anything but their legs? I'm impressed with your computer skills (and your mom's)!

Love you

Lori said...

I lost track of Lynn and found her and then found you, but I was here before and lost track of you too!
I guess I need a better tracking system! LOL
I'll make sure to book mark you, so I can stop more more often!
Thanks for linking my blog, I will do yours too whenever I get around to doing my list! :)